The Family Concern

Wales forever!

We had a fantastic time at FOCUS:Wales 2017! Meeting such lovely people and sharing good times has given us a bit of a float into the summer. We would absolutely love to come back, and say the greatest of thank yous to Andy and all the others managing the festival. Well done you guys! :D Familieforetaket wishes everyone a splendid summer, and stay tuned because we´re not resting, we´re not sitting back, we are riding the great storms of Norway!

From our bonus Live-recording session at the fab ROC2 Studios in Wrexham

From our bonus Live-recording session at the fab ROC2 Studios in Wrexham

Review of "Going North"

Dear all, The Family Concern's album has been reviewed, here's an excerpt for our lovely English-speaking fans:

"The music of Familieforetaket almost has an ethereal quality - a somewhat intangible, floating sense of apprehensiveness, combined with undisputed beauty. Yes, you are always left with a sense that something is just out of reach, just out of sight, just slipping through your fingers. This creates a tension which lifts the music to a level that is anything but ordinary. In short - the tracks on the album Going North have depth.

This is music for the heart and soul, full of nuances and beautiful detail, and a universe of lyrics which really challenge you. Right now, Familieforetaket is a well-kept little secret, but I sincerely hope it doesn’t stay that way. And now it’s high time that you listen to this album yourself."



Ah, good people of the world, it is FINISHED!

Our debut album "Going North" can now be bought on Spotify and Tidal and iTunes. We had a fantastic release party in our hometown Stord at Osvald Pub! The weather was a dream, the audience was a dream, and as I wrote on our Facebook page: The band is a swan who has finally taken off! Where the journey goes, and how far we fly we know little about, but boy does it feel great gliding on the winds :)

If you pay for sending we will definitely send an album your way by post! Please send us an e-mail at familieforetaket@gmail.com to order. Remember Christmas comes early! 

Best regards, Cecilie Anna and Familieforetaket

Going North 4. June 2016

4. june we release our debut album "Going North"! We have now entered the final phase of mixing, and paper mills to registrate everything. Pieces coming together as spring blows its cold winds over Stord. Our music video for "Call for me" is finally ready! Also the cover for our album, painted by Lars Slettebø. Check them both out under 'video' and 'music' here on our brand new web page delicately designed by Roald "Silvercrow" and Trond "Leon". Thank you SO much. 

4. june is the first summer saturday of 2016. We play at Osvald Pub, Leirvik, and we welcome you all to join our celebration. 

Sincerely, on the behalf of Familieforetaket,
Cecilie Anna


Under Pressure

By the time they got to Memphis, The Family Concern had lost all interest in pursuing the creative force that they once held as a shining star: The Sparrow. The Sparrow had to be buried. A fitting location was quickly spotted through the window of the tour bus and prompted an abrupt stop. Naturally The Body carried The Sparrow, The Voice read The Prayers, The Brain chose The Song, The Man looked for The Woman, and The Pilgrim just wandered off to the nearest truck stop he could find.