The Family Concern

Review of "Going North"

Dear all, The Family Concern's album has been reviewed, here's an excerpt for our lovely English-speaking fans:

"The music of Familieforetaket almost has an ethereal quality - a somewhat intangible, floating sense of apprehensiveness, combined with undisputed beauty. Yes, you are always left with a sense that something is just out of reach, just out of sight, just slipping through your fingers. This creates a tension which lifts the music to a level that is anything but ordinary. In short - the tracks on the album Going North have depth.

This is music for the heart and soul, full of nuances and beautiful detail, and a universe of lyrics which really challenge you. Right now, Familieforetaket is a well-kept little secret, but I sincerely hope it doesn’t stay that way. And now it’s high time that you listen to this album yourself."